The Keys To Productivity

At least a couple times a week, we get a call that goes something like this: “It seems like I am not getting the productivity I should be out of this machine.” Because we have heard it before (many times), we always ask the same questions:

    1. What Screen Machine product(s) are you using?
    2. What material are you running through it?
    3. What are you loading it with?
    4. How much product are you dumping in the hopper?
    5. Are you experiencing any jams with the material?
    6. How wet is the material?
    7. Is the machine on a level surface?
    8. Has all the routine maintenance been done on the machine — bearings greased, belt tension checked, oil and antifreeze topped off, etc.

It’s very rare that these questions don’t reveal the source of the problem. Effective crushing & screening is a result of balancing many conditions — almost no two jobs are alike. All operators, and our Support Team, seem to learn something new on every project. But here are the most common productivity challenges:

  • Overloading the machine with material — the No. 1 cause we encounter
  • Wrong machine(s) for the application
  • Incorrect jobsite set-up, especially machines on uneven surfaces
  • Material makeup — too wet, too much debris, etc.
  • Basic machine maintenance not performed

We are more than happy to provide assistance if you face a production challenge. But if you consider if you are encountering any of these conditions, you may already have the answer.

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