Three Sided Loading

Three Sided LoadingThree-sided loading is unique only to the Screen Machine Spyder 516T and Spyder 512T. As a result, these machines have been awarded U.S. Patent 6,698,594 in recognition of this design achievement.

The placement of the two side conveyors at the discharge end, away from the shaker screen serves a unique purpose. All three screened product stockpiles are located at the very end of the machine, far away from the feeder hopper. This creates an open area around the feeder hopper on three sides.

The hopper can be loaded from either side with a front-end loader without the obstruction of material piles. The hopper can also be loaded from the rear with an excavator. Spyders can be set up for any job application, facing any direction without concern of finding a way to get material into the hopper

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