Smooth Start®

Smooth Start has been designed to virtually eliminate the violent shaking that occurs in all screening plants during machine start-up and shut-down. This violent shaking can lead to premature structural stress, cracking, wear and tear on bearings and other vital components, and a reduction in the overall life of the machine. Screen Machine is the first and only manufacturer that offers a Smooth Start patented solution, as noted in US Patent #6,669,026.Patented Smooth Start

How it works:
At slow speeds during start-up, the screen shaft eccentric rotates perfectly round, creating zero elliptical throw (no shake at all). As the screen shaft RPM approaches operating speed, the eccentric extends outward creating the appropriate elliptical shake necessary to screen your material. This process works in reverse during machine shut-down.

Click here to see this unique action in slow motion video

Smooth Start technology greatly diminishes the risk of machinery damage caused by slow speed violent shaking during your warm-up or cool-down periods. If you have ever been around a screening plant that does not have Smooth Start, you know exactly how violent this shaking can be.

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