Remote Crusher Relief System

Remote Crusher Relief SystemScreen Machine delivers American ingenuity with a patented design for our track mounted portable impact crushers, which dramatically improves both safety and productivity. Our patented Crusher Relief SystemTM significantly reduces the frequency of bridged material that must be manually or mechanically cleared in order to resume production. Now, with the push of a wireless remote button from the safety of a loader cab, these machines can clear themselves while the operator retrieves his next bucket of material.

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THE PROBLEM: Oversized or misaligned material can clog or bridge the inlet entrance to the crushing chamber. Production must be stopped for personnel to safely clear the bridged material before it can resume. Consequently, this process can cause an hour or more of downtime and the loss of hundreds of tons of productivity. Employee safety when clearing a jammed inlet is also a major concern in this situation.

THE SOLUTION: By pushing a button on the remote control, the lifting lid of the chamber will raise vertically 6″ (152mm) relative to the housing opening and lower back into place without having to shut-down the machine. This cycle creates a temporary increase in height of the feed inlet opening and allows material that has bridged, or obstructed the crusher opening, to pass freely through the chamber. This prevents both costly down times and lost productivity.

U.S. Patent #7,229,041 guarantees that this unique design feature is only available on impact crushers from Screen Machine.

Click to see Screen Machine's Remote Crusher Relief System in action

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