Screen Machine Industries

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Screen Machine Industries continues to advance its engineering capabilities and maintain its industry leading position. Continuing investments in computer aided design, such as the latest version of the Solidworks® 3D solid modeling software, and computer-aided manufacturing, such as robotics, allow us to create the most efficient, productive, and robust designs in the industry.

We have over a century's worth of design and engineering expertise going into every new product. Our engineering group is also the most creative and agile in the industry. We are constantly adapting the latest manufacturing techniques and methods to build the most economical and efficient products on the market. Our machines meet the most rugged demands of our industry while providing unique features to give you the greatest productivity. The numerous patents awarded to Screen Machine Industries are a testament to our strong engineering capabilities.

Our creativity, experience, and agility allow us to quickly respond to continuously changing needs. From minor modifications to entire new machine designs, we can meet the unique demands of our individual customers.

Awarded Patents:

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